We have a team of professional engineers who have extensive experienced in providing consultation, design and implementation with the products we offer.

We specialize in providing the network equipment that are the best in the market to fulfil our clients’ needs. To further delve into details, we offer broadband connectivity solutions for government institutions, enterprises, educational, ISP and Telco operators. Besides commercialising our products, we also offer some solid advice to our clients and recommend which equipment they should go for to ensure network functionality and performance be in optimal state.

In addition, we assist our clients in network design. Our team will first go through analysis stage, where requirements are generated based on our clients' demand, and this phase will take place before implementation. Our objective is to meet up with clients’ data communication requirements while minimizing the cost. Our solution will vary based on the distance as distance between physical connections often dictates the type of technology that must be used to facilitate data transmission and also depending on what type of network equipment our clients need for. We will design and plan the layout and placement for the network and equipment to fully utilize the space and optimize the performance simultaneously within the specific range or area.

Last but not least, we are responsible for setting up the equipment and networks on behalf of our clients henceforth our clients will be at ease as they do not need to hire third party to set up the equipment and networks for them. We only work with high quality manufacturers. Our equipment are of good quality in terms of consistency and durability. We will construct, configure and do some testing on the equipment to ensure it will function as expected, and also offer maintenance and repair services if necessary.

For our visual display range, we offer various digital signage solutions, from LCD screens, LED walls, optical media player and interactive smart panel. We strive to offer top quality products that can be customizable in size, based on requirements if needed, and our team is dedicated to provide professional consultation along the way to ensure the best outcome for clients.

Feel free to consult us and we are pleased to offer you the best products and services that suits your need.

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