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Products: CPRI Millimeter Wave (MMW)

Wireless Excellence develops and manufactures the CableFree range of high performance, carrier-class Millimeter-Wave radios.  Today’s range of MMW products offers up to 10Gbps throughput in 70-80GHz E-band spectrum and 2.5Gbps in 60GHz V-band.

MMW is a high speed point-to-point Wireless transmission technology complementary to FSO and Licensed Microwave, offering high speeds in city areas where traditional licensed microwave frequencies are often congested, and at distances exceeding those available with FSO.

CableFree MMW E-Band Links offer 1-10Gbps capacity

Advanced MMW Technology for Wireless CPRI Transport

CableFree CPRI MMW links utilise the latest generation technology with Robust ASK modulation to achieve genuine, uncompressed 1.22 and 2.44Gbps Full Duplex Capacity using 70GHz/80GHz E-band spectrum with high Spectral Efficiency.

Choices of 30 and 60cm antennas cover the longest and shortest distance link requirements to ensure all customer wireless networking needs are met.

CPRI Optical SFP interfaces allow direct connection to compatible optical ports on connected customer equipment such as Radio Base Stations, LTE EnodeB, Baseband radio controllers and other equipment.

CableFree E-band MMW links offer direct CPRI connections to LTE base stations, EnodeB, RRH without compression

CableFree CPRI MMW Radio Datasheets

CableFree CPRI & OBSAI Interface Gigabit MMW Radio
High Performance Millimeter Wave Gigabit radio offering 4G/LTE CPRI and OBSAI Interface up to 2.5Gbps Full Duplex with versions for 60GHz or 70GHz E-band.
 PDF Datasheet

Complete range of Millimeter Wave links

CableFree offer a complete range of MM Wave links from 100Mbps up to 2.5, 5 and 10Gbps options – please visit our main page for more information

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