The ALTAAS Story

Our management team has been in the Data Communication & R&D industry since 1992. We have managed & secured many projects with all our value System Integrator & Networks Partners for full scope of sectors that are:

  • Analog Data V.34 Connectivity Solutions
  • FSO Wireless Connection
  • Fiber Solutions
  • Voip Solutions
  • TDM Mux Solutions
  • xDSL / HDSL Solutions
  • Plug & Play Data Access Media Gateway
  • 3G / 4G Broadband Connectivity Setup

As DIGITIZATION of the economy transformed the way businesses operate, our R&D key management team whom has accumulated 10 years experience & now has expanded to help our clients & resellers maximize opportunities for Innovation & Smart Solutions such as:

  • Interactive Flat Panel
  • LCD / LED Advertising Display
  • Multitouch Solutions
  • Projectors For Lift
  • Projectors Mapping For Events
  • Conference Room Interactive Screen
  • Facial Recognition & Temperature Screening Equipment
  • Interactive Software & Hardware For Retail Experience
  • Window Smart Film Solutions

ALTAAS Topologies has extensive experience in providing Consultation, Design & Implementation with the products we offer.

Wholesale Products

Our Brands

Digital signage today unfolds vast potential, where effective content & valuable performance insights can work to maximize ROI when it comes to digital advertising.

  • Dynamic content help brands reach out & engage with audience creatively.
  • Attracts visual attention.
  • Build a network of displays that can be managed through a centralized control system, anytime, anywhere.
  • Comprehensive network system equipped with metrics & analytics, content management can be executed at any location with a secure internet connection.

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